services offered in my workshop

I offer reboring and honing services at my workshop in Borehamwood for single and multi-cylinder blocks such as motorcycle and scooter barrels, and car and small commercial vehicle engine blocks. 

If you are local and would like to have a cylinder or engine block rebored or honed you can bring it to me at my workshop, or if it's a single, twin, or multi-cylinder motorcycle block you could send it by post, or courier. Due to insurance considerations I can't have anyone with me in my workshop while I perform the work, but you are welcome to stay in your car/van, and I'll even get you a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit to help you pass the time while I do the work.  

Below are photos of the equipment I'll be using to rebore and then hone any cylinders you bring to me, and you can see that it's the same equipment I used when I worked for Hartcliffe Engineering, i.e. it is all professional quality equipment, not cheap or DIY quality tooling.

my boring bars

You can see in the picture on the right that I have three different sized boring bars. A british made Buma boring bar (in blue), an American made Van Norman, and an SPS Mini, which is a British copy of a Van Norman design.

The size range the boring machines cover is from 35mm - 112mm. However, although I can bore a cylinder between 35mm - 45mm, I cannot hone it, as my smallest honing equipment only goes down to 45mm.

* The SPS mini bar (small one on the right) can bore cylinders from 35mm - 87mm.
* The Van Norman 944 (centre) can bore cylinders from 55.6mm - 112mm.
* The Buma boring bar (on the left) can bore cylinders from 56mm - 111.1mm.


Since the photo was taken I've acquired a Van Norman 905 boring bar, that can bore cylinders from 66mm - 130mm approx. I'll add a photo of it as soon as I can, but it's slightly larger than the Buma boring bar to look at and has a different boring range.

my boring jigs (for single, twin, and multi-cylinders)

I have jigs for both the Buma and the Van Norman/SPS bars that allow me to rebore and hone single and multi-cylinder motorcycle barrels/blocks. 

In the picture the blue jig is for the Buma and the red jig is for the Van Norman/SPS bars.

my honing sets

The three sets of honing equipment shown here cover a size range from 45mm - 260mm.

NOTE: It used to be 35mm upwards, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I've had to raise the lower end of the range to 45mm so that one of my other honing sets can cover it. However, I hope to obtain a different honing set that will allow me to offer boring and honing services down to around 35mm again soon.

I also have other honing sets that cover the same size ranges, but for clarity I've only shown these three.

* The small set has a range of 45mm - 60mm.
* The medium set has a range of 50mm - 75mm.
* The large set has a range of 70mm - 260mm. (using the longer set of legs shown at the back in order to increase the honing range from around 130mm)

my honing drill

The drill I use to power the honing sets is a heavy duty one with a progressive trigger. This means I can set the speed the honing head will spin at when using it, and means I can keep the speed low for my own safety, and to help prevent any damage should the honing head jam for any reason.

my micrometers

In the picture on the right you can see the inside and outside mics I use to measure the barrel(s) before, during, and after reboring and honing the cylinders.

The mics in the picture are all imperial sizes due to the fact that the boring bar cutter mics are also in Imperial sizes.

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Lambretta 50cc moped

The owner sent me a very short video clip of the first start up and run of a Lambretta 50 cc moped engine I rebored. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Lambretta moped, but apparently there is, and this one has been restored by my customer, and quite neatly too I think.

NOTE TO SELF: I must remember to ask all my customers to send me video clips of their engines when they first start them up in future.

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