On site services

The on-site service is primarily aimed at trade customers who prefer me to go to their premises in order to rebore one or more engine cylinders. I would expect that motorcycle and scooter dealers, both vintage and modern, would find it more convenient for me to go to them than for them to either send barrels to me through the post, or deliver them to me for machining. 

Depending on the bore size of the cylinders to be rebored, I use either the SPS mini bar or the Van Norman 944, and I have a jig that I clamp the cylinders into for boring and honing. See the photo below

Car and van engine blocks on site

I can also rebore and hone car/van engine blocks on site that have been removed from the vehicle and stripped back to the bare block, i.e everything removed, pistons, rods, crankshaft, head studs, etc, and then degreased, and the top of the block deburred.  

I have clamps for clamping the boring bar to the top of the engine block, as you can see in the photo below.

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